Irrational dislikes and nnnnngggggg

Everyone has "irrational" dislikes. I googled the phrase yesterday, while thinking about this blog post.  There are a lot of forums that have a thread on irrational dislikes.  There's a lot that are 'common' irrational dislikes - where you (that's the royal you, not you, the person reading this) dislike a particular actor or actress; … Continue reading Irrational dislikes and nnnnngggggg

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

This blog post actually has nothing to do with lies; it is to do with statistics. I could get quite obsessive about statistics. I like statistics. I don't really like maths, but I like statistics. I like to know, statistically, what the probability of things are. And I'll seek out the statistics, and get a … Continue reading Lies, damn lies, and statistics