Saturday morning activities

Saturday morning, I’m on a squishy, comfy sofa at The Climbing Hangar. I love this place. I get to really chill out while the girls expel some of that ever present energy and climb boulders for a good couple of hours.

I should have brought my keyboard though. Typing anything lengthy on the touchscreen of an iPad is actually slow. And annoying. There are typos at consistently occur – such as “in” instead of “on”. And you can be sure that you don’t notice until after you’ve published a post. Luckily, my iPad cheerfully refuses to connect to the internet on the free Climbing Hangar wifi. This is lucky because it means I can reconsider this blog post. I might decide that it doesn’t say anything interesting enough. If I had wifi, I’d publish without giving the interest level much consideration…

But really, what I was thinking about as I started writing this was children’s activities. I try to do quite a lot with my two. They have swimming lessons every week. They have recently started climbing, or rather, bouldering. They’re enjoying it. They wouldn’t have discovered that they enjoyed it if it wasn’t for half term activities with me. I take them places that they think will be lame, until they get there and discover they have fun.

I wonder if what I do with the children constitutes elements of “Disney” mummying. I don’t want them to get bored, so I spend monies on activities for them, we rarely have at home days. We go out doing stuff. It’s better for me too, because at least they are occupied instead of driving me barmy with stuff. It’s really quite selfish, if you think about it.

They don’t say that they do much at their dad’s. Its difficult because there are 2 younger children. Their dad works and leaves his wife with the 4 children. Often my two will say that they stayed home, or played in the garden. One thing that has been happening is their dad going away to the caravan with his wife and the youngest of his children, leaving our two with me. They used to go a fair bit, my two, but they haven’t been for probably 2 years now. But they don’t seem bothered…….yet. And they used to really enjoy going there. Now they’re left behind.

At what stage does a child start to realise and go “hang on – I’m being left out!”? They’ve always been sold a line very well as to why they’re left out, or simply not included – but if I did it??!! Oh my, I would be the world’s worst parent! The double standards are incredible – but this is what the children are learning, what they are being taught. I feel, at times, that I am powerless to stop it. Maybe I am, or maybe I contribute to the double standarding but not standing up and saying “no”. Are my children growing up considering that this is totally the norm – probably. Oh, just realised – that might make at least one of them a downtrodded wife. I do hope they work all this out for themselves!

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