Blog 7 – The Meltdown

Blog-tastic today.  Don't write for a while, then brain goes off on one. 30th August 2013, and I was back to Aintree for my first fracture clinic.  It had been previously agreed that one consultant would take over all my orthopaedic care to save on multiple appointments, so Mr Chan (who had done the ex … Continue reading Blog 7 – The Meltdown

Blog 6 – Rehab is a busy time

Recovering from a massive smash like mine is nothing to do with rest and relaxation.  It sets out to be bloody hard work.  I got a gutter frame as I still couldn't bear any weight on my right wrist.  The plaster had been removed and I was just splinted now, but terrified of using my … Continue reading Blog 6 – Rehab is a busy time