Writer’s block

I have writer’s block. Believable, isn’t it? Given that I started this blog in November last year, and in the last few days have posted a new blog post nearly every day. I can’t write. I don’t know what to write. I stare at a blank screen…….an almost blank screen. A screen that says “Chapter 3 – the UK regulations”. There’s something else on that screen – something about reviewing the UK regulations and the literature around it.

That should be simple enough. After all, I’ve done the research. I’ve done a lot of research. I have multiple folders of print outs. I cannot read these things on screen. I need paper. Sorry rainforests and the planet. It’s the way I work. I can read on an iPad screen, but for general working stuff, I need hard copy.

I have until 24th August to get this bloody dissertation written.  I’m sick of it hanging around.  I’m fairly convinced that the entire content of the dissertation is in my head.  I think of things that I want to write in it.  I get ideas of “oooh, that would be a good thing to write”. Then I come to write it and I go “…………..eerrrrrr”.  Honestly.  How difficult is it to write up something that you’ve been researching for god knows how long!

I want to do more research.  I like the idea of being Dr Frog Princess.  Maybe I like researching, but the writing up bit just leaves me all dried up?  Or maybe I’ve just chosen a dry subject that is interesting, but a little…….dull.  Of all the things I could have chosen (I had a pretty free rein), and I went for employment law. More specifically, the fixed term worker regulations. Snoresville.  Plus it has taken me all this time to realise that its a critical analysis.  And then I wonder if realising that at this stage in the game has made me struggle to write it up.  Am I being critical enough?  Am I analysing enough?  Then starts the doubt and the belief that I’m writing a whole load of utter drivel!

I cannot move on career wise without this Masters.  I need the Masters to give me any chance of getting a proper job doing what I have discovered I love.  I love teaching.  Not teaching children. I wouldn’t like to teach children.  I generally don’t even like other people’s children.  Sometimes I don’t like my own children!  (its ok, you’ll find most parents say that at one time or another.  I don’t feel guilty for saying and feeling that).  No, I like teaching adults.  Degree level.  It is satisfying, fun and my enthusiasm for my subject is contagious.  I can make employment law exciting.  I can make other areas of law exciting.  I can make discipline and grievance exciting.  I made negotiation really exciting!  We had such fun doing that – and the students were fantastic.

Please. Can this dissertation writer’s block go so I can finish the dissertation and move on to the next chapter?

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