Lies, damn lies, and statistics

This blog post actually has nothing to do with lies; it is to do with statistics. I could get quite obsessive about statistics. I like statistics. I don’t really like maths, but I like statistics. I like to know, statistically, what the probability of things are. And I’ll seek out the statistics, and get a little frustrated if I can’t find the research or statistical data.

Prime example of this is my major curiosity about the statistical chances of a person finding a body while walking their dog. Bodies are always found by someone walking their dog. Or, is the body actually found by the dog? If the person was just walking, or maybe jogging, they wouldn’t notice, perhaps. The body doesn’t have to be a murdered body….they could just be….dead. I keep thinking about this. It’s almost an obsession.

The last time I started thinking about it, I googled to try and find out if there had been any statistical data on it. I didn’t find anything, but possibly my search terms were skewed. Surely there has been some research into this? I can’t be the only person who thinks about what the statistical chances are, as a dog owner, of finding a body whilst walking your dog….over a lifetime of dog ownership.

Obviously there are variances, depending on where you walk, where you live, the crime rate, maybe even the breed of your dog. If you walk your dog off lead or on lead. I want to know. I mean, I really want to know!

The sole purpose of this blog post was not to write about my dog-walker-finds-body obsession. It was also to do with blog statistics. I check the statistics on this blog multiple times in a day. I notice that when I haven’t produced a blog post in a day, the number of views plummets. I’m fascinated by the number of views on the different posts. I wonder what brought someone to my blog site to read it. Ok, so I have it set up so it links to my Facebook and my Twitter, but still. I know that most views come via Facebook. Thank you, my friends, for reading. The ones that really make me think are the ones that come about via a search term. I wonder what someone thought when they read that particular post. Did they think “hmmm, bollocks” or did they think “yea, I like that”. I wonder what makes people hit the “like” button. My blog posts on parental alienation get the most views. I wonder why that is.

I didn’t intend this blog to be really out there when I started it. I started it because I like the concept of blogging. I then did my second post because I felt like cataloguing incidences that felt like parental alienation. And then, it grew….in my head, it grew. I started seeing the views. I started looking at the statistics, and that, my friends, is that. Statistics are like a drug. The higher the views, the more I look. The increased views make me happy. No views, or very few, make me sad, and I know I need to post something to get them back up. I am almost constantly thinking of what to blog about. What can I say this time that might spark someone’s interest.

Statistics are addictive. Statistics make me obsessive. Statistics make me happy.

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