Blog 9 – The Recovery Continues……At Home..

I've now been home for 8 weeks.  It is nearly 19 weeks since the accident.  I can't believe I've been home for this long! When I first came home, I was all fired up for doing EVERYTHING.  All at once.  I went in to work for a celebrity appearance.  I went and got my hair … Continue reading Blog 9 – The Recovery Continues……At Home..

Blog 8 – Going home?

I've neglected the blog since I've been home, not because I've been busy, but because my brain hasn't been in "blog" mode.  I've said before that my blog posts write themselves - here is the proof!! I had a total of 8 weeks in rehab.  Everything is geared towards regaining independence and going home.  I … Continue reading Blog 8 – Going home?

10 Reasons to Embrace Your Asperger’s

I utterly adore this post!

Everyday Asperger's

10 Reasons to Embrace Your Asperger’s

1. You’re gifted and most-likely highly-intelligent, if not borderline-genius in some areas.

2. You experience life in completion, all the range and spectrum of emotions. You are truly living. You are truly having a human experience. You aren’t stuffing and avoiding.

3. You have soul-filled deep eyes. No matter where you go, people will notice your depth of character, strength, and aptitude. You are brilliantly bright in your beauty and introspection; this light shines through.

4. You are complex to the extreme, never boring, never out of ideas, never dull. Your company is needed and longed for. You may not know it yet, but someone wants someone just like you. With all your quirks and zaniness. Your uniqueness inspires!

5. You have the brain to figure yourself out (and other people, to boot). It may not feel like it, but you know yourself to…

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