My last thoughts for Vee VTR

I wrote this short piece for Martin the day before his funeral. I’ve been thinking about it this week and decided to put it on here. I was thinking of amending it, but this is what I managed at the time. I cried as I wrote it. I didn’t think about what I was writing. Like my blog posts, the words wrote themselves.  I still cry if I read it now – so I’m sorry.  This will make you cry too.  Or maybe you’ll laugh at the first line – because one of the things I mention is so very Martin.

I will still be blogging my recovery – the next post is writing itself in my head.  This isn’t my last post relating to the accident.  There’s too much of a story to tell, and still an awful lot of therapy for me to go through.  I just wanted to share my words for Martin.

Martin. I have only known you a short time, but you made a big impression. From laughing at the baffle theft at the Scotch, to the bare arse on my head when I was on the phone to my 10 year old daughter, a mark has been left by you.

You were so excited on Sunday 21st July. Like a kid at Christmas. You’d persuaded me to go pilly. Ride out to North Wales. Show Joe some good roads. I knew you were excited, but it was all fine. It was all safe. Until we got to that bend on Lister Drive….

As I lay with a broken leg resting on your legs, at right angles to you, I was telling you not to do this. You’d been through worse. Come on Martin. Don’t do this. I could feel them giving you CPR. You didn’t make it, and the world is a much poorer place without Benny in it.

I hope you and Sean are enjoying midnight hoons, wherever you are. My thoughts are with your family, with your friends, and with the biker communities who have massive holes in their hearts from their tragic loss.

Rest in peace Martin, and sleep tight.

2 thoughts on “My last thoughts for Vee VTR

  1. Absolutely heartbreaking – for you and all of us who knew and loved Martin. I can’t begin to imagine how you recover from the emotional and psychological trauma (on top of your physical injuries). I wouldn’t wish what you went through on anyone, but it’s a comfort to me that Martin wasn’t alone in those last moments. x

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